Avoid Feeling Hungry On A Diet By Doing THIS

Gabe Johansson
2 min readJul 11

There are two main ways to stick to a diet:

1. Sheer willpower
2. Advanced satiety tactics

Even though many people can cut calories and stick to it for a while due to intense dedication…

It’s not the most fun way to lose weight.

And it’s the most likely way to rebound back into old habits when willpower runs out.

So I usually recommend the latter, which can be boiled down to eating more protein, having more fiber, and drinking lots of liquids.

Biologically speaking, there’s nothing about protein, fiber, or liquids that directly cause you to get leaner…


It’s really hard to overeat things like beef, eggs, chicken, fish, Greek yogurt, milk, cheese, potatoes, rice, fruits, and veggies…

…until you start adding things to them like sauces, oils, dressings, and carb+fat combo foods like pastries or anything fried.

So what do you do?

Aim for 70–80% whole foods in your diet, drink black coffee or plain tea in the morning, lots of water and caffeine free, zero calorie drinks later on, and stay busy.

(using your free time in a smart way to work on your personal goals or be engaged with family instead of sitting around can go a long way with diet adherence. Hard to snack when you’re busy)

That remaining 20–30% of your diet can be whatever else you want and you’ll be able to have an enjoyable, balanced diet while you reach your fitness goals.

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Originally published at https://gainswithgabe.com on July 11, 2023.

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