Few People Talk About This Secret To Workout Consistency

Gabe Johansson
2 min readDec 2, 2023

Everyone knows you need to be consistent with training to get results, but very few people talk about one key secret to making consistency near effortless.

The problem I see a lot of people face with their workouts isn’t so much to do with laziness or lack of time.

Those can be genuine factors too, but those can be overcome quite easily when you do what I’m going to share.

And this is one of the main reasons why I’ve been able to keep at it for over 11 years without any plans of stopping.

Heavily consider enjoyment level.

Here’s a prime example:

The most effective workout split for the vast majority of the population is the Upper Lower split where you train upper body on Monday and Thursday, and lower body on Tuesday and Friday.

You hit every muscle group twice in only 4 days, and the workouts can be fairly efficient as well.

And yet…

I’ve never been able to do it for more than a couple months at a time.

Contrast that to the 3 day per week Push Pull Legs routine which I’ve done for several years and keep going back to it anytime I try something different, despite it not being quite as effective (but it’s considerably more efficient for busy people).

Sure, it’s one day less than the upper lower routine making it easier to stick to, but the bigger reason for me doing this routine so long is because I enjoy it.

The same thing goes for how you eat:

If you can’t stand the foods you have on your plan, how do you expect to stay on the plan long term so you can get the results you want?

This is why I keep talking about the principles behind why every diet and training plan work…

Because when you truly understand the fundamentals, you can create your own plan you actually like.

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