How To Scientifically Train Your Arms (Part 1/2)

Gabe Johansson
3 min readJul 31

Growing your arms can be as simple or complex as you make it:

On the simple side of things, you can do some bench press, shoulder press, rows, and chin ups or underhand pulldowns across the week and call it a day because you’re hitting both the biceps, triceps, and forearms from multiple angles.

Push harder and improve technique every time you hit a workout and your arms will grow.

If you want to still keep things simple yet effective, you can add in some bicep curls and tricep extensions of any kind, use double overhand grip on your deadlifts and achieve even more arm growth over time.

But then there’s the next level, which is understanding your anatomy to train your arms scientifically for maximum growth.

Part 1: Training The 3 Headed Tricep

Triceps don’t get enough love, so today we’re going to start there.

Let’s break down the simplest way to train them effectively since they’re what make up most of your arm size.

Just for some context, they have 3 heads which are the long head, the medial head, and the lateral head.

And while I did say we’re going to scientifically grow your arms, we’re not going full blown anatomy class here, so we’re just going to focus on exercises that work all the parts of your triceps.

Since the triceps are influenced by the shoulder joint and not by the forearms…

You don’t need to worry about your hand position like overhand or underhand, but you do want to focus on different shoulder positions.

My top 3 recommended exercises are:

-Close grip bench press
-Flat bar or v-bar pushdowns
-Overhead tricep extensions

These should all be done with either a pronated grip (aka overhand), or a neutral grip where your palms are facing each other.

A supinated grip (aka underhand) simply forces you to use less weight, burn out your forearms faster, hit your triceps less, and is generally a waste of time.

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