How To Scientifically Train Your Arms (Part 2/2)

Gabe Johansson
2 min readJul 31

In part 1, I shared how to train your triceps based on key exercises that hit all 3 parts so you can efficiently grow them.

In case you missed it, you can read it here:

And now, I’m going to reveal the much less simple strategies necessary to grow the overly coveted biceps properly.

Part 2: Training The Ultimate Flex Muscle

The interesting part about the biceps is there are only 2 heads:

The long head on the outside of the arm, and the short head on the inside.

And since the biceps are influenced by both shoulder position, forearm position, and wrist position…

You have a lot of options for training such a seemingly basic muscle.

For example, if you have palms up, wrists back, and lean back a little bit… you’ll hit the short head of the biceps a lot more.

But if you have your hands facing each other, wrists straight, and lean forward a tiny bit… you’ll absolutely crush the long head and forearms.

Both situations will hit both heads, but you can affect emphasis quite a bit.

Despite that…

You can really boil it down to 2 exercises:

1. Standing straight bar curls
2. Incline hammer curls

Crazier yet…

If you can lock down incline supinating bicep curls where you start like a hammer curl and rotate your palms up on the way up, then bring them down slowly with palms up and reset at the bottom of the rep…

You only really need one biceps exercise.

But it’s a tougher one to master.

And since the biceps are primarily fast twitch, you’ll want to do lower reps. 2–3 sets of 6–12 reps each is all you really need, much like the triceps.

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