I’ve Signed Up For A Difficult Mission As An Online Fitness Coach

Gabe Johansson
2 min readAug 1

I’ve had a lot of different jobs in the last 17 years, but one thing is consistent:

I’m usually selling something.

Whether it was printers, cell phones, cars, heavy machinery parts, furniture, copywriting training and services, gym memberships, or auto repairs…

My jobs have typically been helping people make buying decisions for things they want or need.

But the mission I signed up for here?

It’s proven to be the most challenging one yet:

Instead of selling something fun and exciting like a new cell phone or car… I’m asking people to pay me to show them how to exert effort and go to bed slightly hungry.

Of course, the end result is amazing…

But it’s on the other side of lots of consistent hard work.

And sure, I’ve sold hundreds of gym memberships…

…but that was for an established local brand with tons of amenities, social proof, and a whole staff to support.

But now, I’ve embarked on a mission to help as many people as possible get in shape via online content and programs.

Now me talking about “how hard this is” probably won’t help you…

However, there are a lot of parallels between online business and working out.

Just like I need to follow a proven marketing plan, you’ll need to follow a proven diet and training program.

Just like I need to execute proper and ethical copywriting and sales techniques, you’ll need to execute proper exercise technique.

And just like I need to show up consistently and always aim to improve…

Well, yeah that’s spot on exactly the same.

And even though I’ve spend thousands of dollars over the years on guides, courses, and coaching to learn the skills I need to grow a business on the internet and have made tens of thousands of dollars since…

I started with a 5 dollar program back in 2009 that taught me the fundamentals of getting traffic to a website, converting that traffic to leads, and helping those people make a buying decision.

Gabe Johansson

Man. Husband. Father. Fitness Coach. I went from skinny fat to strong and fit. Now I'm on a mission to help 1000s get in great shape https://GainsWithGabe.com