My Simple Fitness Approach For When You Have No Free Time

Gabe Johansson
2 min readDec 4, 2023

Diet and training can be incredibly time consuming, especially when you’re just getting started and learning a whole new way of living.

But fortunately, I’ve gone through all the trial and error over the years to narrow down exactly what to focus on so you can get lean, get strong, build muscle, and feel better even if it seems like you have no free time.

Admittedly, there is still a learning curve with exercise technique and finding which foods are best for you, but you can minimize it if you do what I share inside this week’s podcast episode.

Inside this episode, I talk about:

-My simple yet effective 3 day workout routine you can copy/paste to get results in only 90 minutes per week

-The bare bones diet approach you can use to completely control how your body looks over time, even if you wanted to only eat fast food (not recommending this, use wisely)

-How I fit eating right and training hard into my crazy busy schedule as a married dad of 2 working 50+ hours per week and building a side hustle

…and so much more!

Watch the episode below now and you’ll also learn how to get access to a treasure trove of fitness resources to help you take your fitness game to the next…



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