My Wife’s Highly Efficient Cardio Hack

Gabe Johansson
2 min readAug 3

I don’t know how it happened so fast, but it’s already been over 6 weeks since our second daughter was born.

Now my wife Martha is feeling quite recovered and confident, so we’ve started taking walks with the whole family again.

Just imagine this for a second:

Martha, our 21 month old, our 6 week old, our pup, and I want to go for a walk…

In order to do so, I have to help strap our newborn to my wife with one of those baby carrier apparatuses (apparati?) then carry our toddler and walk our pup downstairs.

And since I’ve been keeping our stroller in the car for convenience, I have to put my daughter in her car seat, pop our pup in the back, unfold and set up the stroller, put our daughter in the stroller, then take our pup back out of the car.

It’s a bit of a process…

But now we’re ready to go, and we can finally get to talking about the cardio hack.

You know how walking is good and stuff?

Well, my ambitious wife is taking things to the next level already by turning walking into a workout.

(for context, she’s 5'3" and I’ve repped more than her bodyweight on strict standing overhead press before…)

She has a rapidly growing newborn strapped to her and she’s pushing our rapidly growing toddler in the stroller.

The path we take has a slight incline, and despite my efforts to suggest we take it a bit easy considering she’ll technically be recovering from a c-section for months…

She wants to keep going.

But then I reminded her that even going a little bit further than last time is a win.

She gets it, because she’s applied the whole progressive overload principle to her weight training and hit PRs frequently in the gym.

(and of course we started talking about working out again, yet she understands we should probably wait for doc approval first)

With all that said, Martha is essentially making something as simple as walking more challenging by carting around our 2 beautiful babies…

And putting in more work in less time.

Then you have me, the fitness guy, just walking our dog alongside her.

Funny how that works…

But hey, it’s been a nice time and I’m glad we’re able to enjoy these progressively longer moments outside getting those steps in.

Talk soon,


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